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System Engineering

Betop Corporation offers a full service consulting in System Engineering for Software engineering, IT, Security, Automotion and control. Our professionals include engineers, Mathematiciens, economists, and financial analysts.

Our team has experience in all facets of IT & Engineering industry. Our expertise extends from simple electrical and mechanical equipments customizing and modernization to big industrial machines including manned and unmanned automated industrial machines, though we support development from initial architecture and requirements capture through validation and deployment. We also provide in-process troubleshooting as well as peer review.

We are a private employee-owned company, working for ourselves is an advantage for our motivation and it gives confidence to our clients.

Each one of the project we work on follows these steps:

  • Identifying the needs: what need to be done regardless whether it is possible or has been done before
  • Defining requirements: describe the necessary functions and features
  • Modeling and Architecture Concepts generation
  • Build the architecture: Design and assemble module; prototyping

During the assembling stage we can give a flexibility to choose which work can be done by your team but we require a full supervision by our engineer(s).

Our Engineering methods focus first on security of user, second on long term service operations and maintenances, third we assess the cost of manufacturing to make sure that product will be safe to use, worth it to manufacture and ensuring its maximum longevity. In fact we review all our products within the full frame of system engineering life cycle and we work with you to help solving problems in order to achieve your business success and technical goals.

So far the main objective of our System Engineering department has been assisting our clients in various domain of Computation Application, we help them solving design challenges posed by complex mathematical limitations vs Data Architecture and mechanical modeling. Currently, We can help you in Application Software architecture, CAD drafting & 3D design, COMSOL modeling and test, IT store, LAN design and cabling, Electrical and Mechanical equipment troubleshooting and customization.

Work with us, grow with us, We promise to give an excellent experience because our goal is to build the technology required by our customers, your problems are ours, working with us is helping us to achieve our objectives : Build your future and ours.

Talk to us or send an info request to renmer03@betopcorporation.com